Try out to really find out

Finally, with you can now try out having your own website for 30 days, before deciding to commit further. During this try out period, you can have access to full features, and find out how easy it is to manage your own content management system WordPress.

Try out to see if this is really what you were expecting, try out our server speeds, try out everything for the full 30 days, then decide if you want to carry on with us.

Other Providers vs

Other Providers

Some other providers uses fixed templates and do not provide any option to change the design once you have chosen it.
Slow unresponsive servers with a lot of limitations e.g. storage / bandwidth restrictions.
Difficult to reach customer service at a overseas call centre.
No option to transfer website to another server / provider means you have to stick to that solution forever or start over again.
Limited “app” market may mean some coding knowledge is required from you. uses the popular WordPress CMS and it has thousands of design themes to change any time easily. uses fast processing server without restrictions.
Local Singapore customer service Whatsapp number. Easy to reach, easy to communicate.
Option to backup entire website for easy transport to another provider if you ever wish to.
Popular platform with an “app” for almost everything means no coding is required, there’s always something readily built out there.

Is suitable for you?

WordPress is a content management system which means you can create and edit any pages just like a word editing software. Insert images and links anywhere easily, create blog posts, or even create product listings also takes care of all the complicated software/database setup and server configurations for you, so you focus only on making your website look good. Know more is most popular with

Property Agents who needs a website for property listings, information/ enquiry page.
Small-Medium Enterprise who needs a corporate website for company info.
Business owners who need a blog / website with product listings for more information
Hair Salons who need a website to showcase their gallery and receive appointment bookings.
Clinics who need a website/blog for information and receive appointment bookings.
Educational Institutions who need a website for course information and receive application submissions.

It is also best for you


open, transparent, simple pricing

pay for only what you need, not bundled with components you don’t need

get to try the service first so no guessing

Now you can try out for 30 days, if you didn’t like what we offer during the 30 days, simply drop us a text/email to let us know. Book yours now